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managing your health
just got easier

The profile on Anytime Health is your personal health dashboard. It allows you to set goals, learn your health score, track your food and activity intake, and more!

your profile

You work. You lose. You win.

Every person has similar needs, but not every person achieves their goals the same way. Anytime Health doesn't push you to one particular way of getting to where you want to be—you decide how to use Anytime Health!

Through your customized home page, you gain access to a quick view of your health status and latest updates including:

  • Day overview
  • Log activity and diet
  • Update weight, measurement, and other stats
  • Write a journal post
  • Goal setting and progress
  • Health score
  • And more...

log diet and activity

Get to your desired destination with our awesome tools! Planning and tracking your food intake, exercise, and daily activities will help you achieve your ultimate goals!

Access these tools from your profile with just one-click. Learn about your eating and exercise habits—at any moment in the day. You can even use our free mobile app to log your food and workouts on-the-go!

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get support

Accomplishing your goals is easier when you have a network of people rallying around you to succeed. Meet other members and our team of online personal trainers who can help guide you.


We have certified personal trainers hovering over our oh-so-cool Q&A section of the community. They are at the ready with accurate and helpful advice. And that's gonna cost you... nothing! Ask a question, sit back, and watch the answers roll in. Plus, expect great tips and ideas from fellow users.


The community is about you, your wellness journey, your struggles, and your successes. And like any good community, you get out of it what you put into it. In other words, connect with other users, follow your favourite blogger, and give and get support. You don't have to go it alone, so don’t.


Whether you want to lose weight—or simply maintain a healthy diet—all you need is Anytime Health!

Motivation comes in all forms. Whether you desire to jump from a plane or just be able to play with your kids, we are here to help! You can easily start your goal and track your progress in your profile. Your Anytime Health goal gives you the accountability you need. Who doesn’t like a little bit of that?

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