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Discover how Anytime Health helps you stay in the know with the latest and greatest health news that matters to you. Get great tips and tricks on workouts, nutrition, weight loss, myth busters, and more on our blog.

exercise videos

Hundreds of videos that will help you!

Learn how to do gym exercises that will get you toned with our slick videos! You will always know how to safely use the equipment in the gym. What’s even better? They're also available on your iPhone or Android device!

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dumbbell lateral shoulder raises


family bootcamp

beginner exercises

mobile videos

Assistance in the palm of your hand.

What can you expect from the Anytime Health videos? Expect full instructions for both the gym equipment and bodyweight exercises. Expect advanced and beginner exercises that you can watch at the club or out on your run. What else? Expect to feel more confident in your workouts!

nutrition basics

Your body is complex and remarkable!

The complexity of the human body is almost beyond comprehension. Just imagine all of the reactions and processes that occur simultaneously and continuously, allowing you to sustain life on a day-to-day basis.

And with Anytime Health’s diet tracker, you receive a daily breakdown of nutrients so you can monitor your diet without hassle!

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fitness basics

The more you know—the easier it is to get fit!

It's no secret that physical fitness is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle, but how do we define fitness? Well, it's pretty easy. Fitness is simply the ability to perform physical activities, and there are several components or parts that contribute to what we like to call health-related fitness.

Before you begin, you probably need a better understanding of health-related fitness. Make sure to review the five components of fitness so you're armed with the knowledge you'll need to create an effective exercise program that improves not only fitness, but health as well.

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