how do i add a "workout buddy" on anytime health?

I am trying to add a workout buddy on my profile, but can't seem to get it done. I saw that you are supposed to drop and drag your friend to the workout buddy, but this isn't working.

What are the specifics?

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This seems to be an ongoing issue with various computers and operating systems. I had the same problem on two different computers and was able to do everything just fine on third. I have also read several other people stating they have had the same problems. It's a software issue. Try doing the same thing on a different computer. If that doesn't work, then email to see if they can do anything to fix this for you. Hope this helps you.Happy

Cindy Dahm 17k
5 years ago

Are you trying to drag their name (wrong!) or their picture (right!) ? I haven't had any trouble dragging pics, and I am on good old IE!!

Vicki Bowland 53k
5 years ago

When there is a problem with the operating system and unable to add or do any functions then it's good to change the os immediately as per [custom paper writing services][1] tips. When the problem is due to os then it's followed but if it's due to other issue then i guess need to contact the admin.

JenniferMohr 30
9 months ago

Ok now i came to know those are the issues related to the computer but not the profile i guess. Then it's the best way to change the os i think. As i got similar problem before while writing superior papers and i have changed my os to windows 7, and now it's fine with no errors.

JenniferMohr 30
5 months ago

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2 months ago

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