calories burned in just dance 3?

Does anyone know how many calories are burned in Just Dance 3 (Wii)? My daughter got it for Christmas, and it looked so fun I took a turn at it. I love it! But...the calories it says you are burning (sweat points) are unreasonable, even for someone as big as me. If I put "dance" in the activity tracker, is that appropriate? I literally pour sweat after just 15 minutes (about 4 songs) of JD3. I love the music mix and that there's a lot of older music (for us 40-somethings) mixed in. Feels like a great cardio workout. Just wondering about cals now...

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You could try this site:

or you could purchase a heart rate monitor with the functionality to track calories burned.

I don't know if that site is completely accurate, it's just what I found online.

Amanda Ingle 33k
6 years ago

+1 for a heart rate monitor

No way of relating how much someones sweating to how many calories they are burning unfortunately! I wish it was direct cause Id be burning em like crazy!

Heart rate monitors are the best bet, love the one my wife got me, it even shows my HR on the cardio machines at the gymHappy

joshzaite 10k
6 years ago

add your answer!

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