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diet tracker-how do i add favorites??

I was beginning to experiment with a few more features on the site. I was wondering, how do you add favorites in the Diet Tracker? Also, on a related topic: did anyone notice several things aren't in Activity Tracker? (like spinning & I'm not sure what else yet).

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To add a favorite to the diet tracker add the food once to you log for the day. Click on the heart next to the food on the diet tracker display and it should turn red. It will then be added as one of your favorites.

6 years ago

Favorites? Select and item for a meal or snack, then click on the little heart icon-- that makes it a "favorite" and will make that one come up first if you type it in again, or click on "favorites".

There are some activities that aren't in the activity tracker, but there is an ability to add activities manually at the bottom!Happy

Keep investigating, there is a true wealth of information here!Wink

Vicki Bowland 53k
6 years ago

After entering for food and drinks into diet tracker than you click on the heart shape button on the tracker and that will save those items what you entered into tracker as your favorites and when you need it show those items only. More detailed explanation can be seen in top academic writing sites blog and following those steps will give you good idea.

Traverso 0
5 months ago

This was once my problem, I just probe mine until I've found what works for me. You can add activities manually as well. Does it happen to you as well, even if you have a diet tracker, sometimes you eat beyond what was arranged for you, I feel guilty sometimes. Anyway, now that I'm back on track, I have to get back to my paper works too. Based on My Assignment Help review, it seems legit as per testimonials, I might end up with their service after all.

KimCr 0
6 days ago

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