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is there such a thing as runners knee?

Is there such a thing as runners knee, Kinda like tennis elbow
Except just outside the knee near that bone that j
Juts out, I'm having pain there enough that I can't run
Right now, what should I do?

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Sterling Wood, (by the way, you have a classic name)

There is a very common injury on an onset of an injury that has some of the characteristics for runners called patellar tendonitis, aka, “Jumper’s Knee”. Don’t let the aka, pseudonym mislead you, it affects those who run, jump, squat, cut, drive, etc, but it’s usually found in the center or around the kneecap (patella) versus the sides of the knee which could be issues with either the LCL, MCL, ACL or the PCL.

Either way, if you’re having pain & it’s holding you back, I would strongly suggest connecting with your primary doc & having them professionally assess your situation. In conjunction with seeing your doctor, RICE with the use of a Jumper’s Knee strap may help (Mueller or McDavid).

I have had similar circumstances in the past with my left knee, but I played ball in college & it wasn’t so much the running/sprinting straight-away or even the vertical movements with jumping, but more or less the lateral movements, the side to side movements with the cuts, the drives & other movements that require quick, lateral changes of direction.


Tony Nicholson 141k
6 years ago

Have you just started back into running? You may just need to build up the muscle around that area. If it is more of an aching pain, it might just be weak so just give it time and work on strengthening that area. If it is a shaper pain that doesn't go away, then you might want to go get it checked out.

Courtney Murzyn 28k
6 years ago

I have dealt with similar pain in the same area in the past. Then I went about a year without even feeling it. However, in my run last night it did come back. I'm wondering if it's the new shoes I purchased. Regardless, I would rate my pain as 'mild'. In your case, if the pain is preventing you from running in good form or running at all, then I would recommend seeing a professional about it before injuring yourself any further.

6 years ago

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MemberNampa, ID
10/25/2011 at 12:02 AM