beginner weight routine suggestions

Hi I am new here so I thought I would post my first question, actually I asked this before but now I can't find it so maybe I didn't post it? Sorry if this ends up a repost just in case.

Just like the question implies I am looking for some suggestions on a begginer weight routine. I'd hire a trainer but I can't afford one right now. Maybe in a month or so.

Some about me that might help
I am a female about 5'8 and am looking for a well balanced toned look. I have the calorie tracking down pat I've been doing it bout a year using MyFitnessPal, now I'm looking more at my body. I am not new to the gym persay by I haven't be n in a while so I like consider myself a somewhat newbie any help is appreciated

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1/9/2017 at 9:10 PM