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diet question?!

I eat no more than 700 calories a day, & exercise about 5-6 times a week for 30-60 mins a day, am I doing is right?

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700 calories a day is too low for a person. I think you should not go lower than 1200 otherwise body will go in starvation mode and impact negatively in long term. Total number of calories depends upon many factors including your height, weight, gender, activity level etc.

vivekverma 0
about 1 year ago

Hi Lilly,

Yes, 700 calories sounds dangerously low –is that your net number (after factoring in your workouts)? 700 calories as net number (assuming you burn between 300-500 per workout –which is actually pretty high), would put you right at the lower end of an acceptable range; 1,200-1,500.

In reality, it’s hard to say that 700 calories is too low for you without knowing more data & without factoring in your biometrics –age, weight, height, gender, etc.

If this is something you’d like to infuse long-term, you should really connect with an expert in a couple areas –CPT (certified personal trainer) to ensure you’re executing the proper workouts/strategy to hit your goal and a RD (registered dietitian) regarding your nutrition.

Good luck-

Tony Nicholson 141k
about 1 year ago


vetpower 0
1 week ago

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