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add workout plan

I’m trying to add workout plans that are already set by Anytime Health. I click on Add Workout Plan, highlight Weight Loss, then I select Add All Days. I set them to the days during the week I want the workouts but I am not able to view the actual workout. I’m only able to Edit, and by that I mean change it to vigorous or moderate. I want to be able to view and print the workout. Any help would be grateful!

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Hey Heather,

I'm Richard from AH Support and I can definitely help you out! Could you send me a screenshot of your workouts not showing up? Thanks for your help! You can always contact me at: for further assistance or questions.

4 years ago

I too tried anytime health workout plan which worked fine for me. I use to find time from my best essay works and I selected weight loss only and added 6 days a week and I got the plan structure and it is going fine. I started following that plan structure a started working out from last month. This may happened due to some technical problem usually it works fine.

JenniferMohr 30
6 months ago

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3 months ago

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