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how many calories burned in trx class?

Does anyone have a good estimate of how many calories are burned during a typical TRX class (1 hour) at the gym?

I have a heart rate monitor, but I'm not sure if it would be accurate for TRX since it is not really 'cardio' based, at least I do not believe it is.

I am trying to track my calories in and out, so a fairly conservative estimate would be fine, I just do not have the slightest idea what to use =)

Thank you!

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HR monitors are accurate in any context. In fact usually moreso with with lower intensity workouts.

I would estimate 300-500 for an hour class. Choose the 300 if you're trying to lose weight.

DeaVea 40k
4 years ago

Estimating the number of calories burnt in a TRX class (or any fitness class for that matter) all depends on a number of factors:

1- How many minutes you are ACTUALLY exercising (continually)?
2- At what type of intensity you are exercising during those minutes?
3- How much you weigh specifically?
4- Are you male or female?

I do like the suggestion to utilize a hear rate monitor to measure your calorie expenditure as well as underestimating your calorie burn if you are trying to lose weight (or use the lower end of the range).

Jennifer Barbarino 54k
4 years ago

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6/24/2013 at 6:55 AM