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why do bottoms of my feet hurt when i stand?

First time question asker so if I fail to meet the proper etiquette constructive criticism is well received.
Just the bottom of my feet hurt when I stand up, this has happened before. I wasn’t on my feet for any irregular amount of time, or do anything strenuous and they didn’t hurt when I went to bed last night, but this morning they the bottoms of my feet hurt only when I’m standing not when I’m sitting (kind of like a pushing on a bruise pain, not excruciating as to keep me from walking but enough to be VERY annoying). Anyone know what causes this?

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You might also check your workout shoes. If they are fairly old, may be time for some new ones.
I agree with James, in that you have strained them to some degree. Rest will help, moving from running to biking or elliptical for a week may help. I tend to head in that direction if I do too much hill running (we have a really nasty one next door to our club) so I know that I can only do that once or twice per week.

Shoe fit is also important. If you have had this off and on for a long period of time in your life, it might be worth speaking to your physician about and possibly getting referred to a podiatrist. I would caution against trying to self-diagnose arch issues on your own with orthotics you can purchase at the store. When you change the angle of how your foot strikes the ground, it changes everything in the chain upwards - knee, hip, back - and so forth.

For me it's all a matter of the total volume of running I do per week. As that total volume increases, so does the inflammation. Track your volume for awhile and see if you can find a happy medium. Also for me, I do the lion's share of my running on a treadmill, since the deck "gives" and takes some of the compressive forces out of the running. I rarely run on asphalt. I don't necessarily enjoy treadmill running, but I dislike constant pain in my knee more.Happy

For relief and massage of the area, take a water bottle, pour a little out and then recap and freeze it. When frozen, sit and roll the bottle under your feet. Do each one for as long as you can stand it, then do the other one as well. Do that for about 20 minutes or so. It may help.Happy

6 years ago

Plantar Fasciitis is the first thing to come to mind. It is simply inflammation of the plantar fascia which is a fibrous connective tissue which runs from the heel of your foot to your toes (the arch of the foot). Often the first steps from after waking up in the morning are the most painful. To have this properly diagnosed you would have to see your doctor. One other thing that it could be is if you have done something at the gym that you are not use to (running for a longer period of time than normal, or calf raises, again, more than you are use to). If this has happened, than it could be a minor muscle strain in some of the small, intrinsic muscles of the foot. There are more muscles controlling your toes, foot and ankle than you realise, and it isn’t hard to strain them if you do something you are not conditioned to do.


6 years ago

Sounds like plantar fasciitis to me. I have it too and it sucks! Mornings are the worst. Only thing that seems to help is stretching it. My doctor told me to take a few ibuprofen when it is really bothersome. Rolling your foot on a frozen water bottle or a baseball also feels good. I also have leg braces I wear at night sometimes that help stretch out the tendons, and a half-circle foot stretcher thing.

Really no cure from what I've been told. Just something you have to manage and live with. I was told to make sure to wear good, supportive footwear, especially when I work out. My doctor actually advised me to wear shoes at all times - going barefoot makes it way worse.

Good luck!Happy

ehanson624 80
5 years ago

Are you making sure you are drinking plenty of water, sometimes if you are dehydrated, you can have some aching in the feet. If it doesn't go away after a few days, i would go get it checked out by a doctor.

Courtney Murzyn 28k
6 years ago

Dr. Schol's gell arch supports help me a lot - also exercising my foot itself to build up the muscles around the arch.

kschoeff 4k
6 years ago

It would be a good Idea to check your Blood sugars and a A1C to make sure its not insidious DM.

6 years ago

The bottom of my feet just started hurting all of a sudden. Its mostly my heels. I have the most pain when I get out of bed or when I stand after I had been sitting for not even 5 minutes. Massaging does not work. This is really embarassing. Can someone please give me an answer or leave a comment.

harrislynt 35
5 years ago

I had exactly the same thing happen to me. For me it all had to do with blood circulation. My socks would compress my feet during the day and during the night the blood would not flow the same without socks. I got a nice wide and thick pillow to rest my feet and calves on at night and that extra elevation helped the blood flow back to the rest of my body. I also tried wearing socks at night, which did help and clued me into what was happening. Once you stand up and walk a bit and get the blood flowing, the pain goes away.

My dad went through chemo therapy and the chemo in the blood didn't flow out of one of his legs as well and some damage was done to it. Now he has to wear a compression sock to correct the blood flow.

muskrat 45
4 years ago

I have kind of the same thing, except all my toes are extremely sore as well, but just from the pressure of standing on them. It feels better to have shoes on, being bare foot is the worse. I have never had this before either. I don't do anything strenuous, I am on my feet for hours off and on all day long and have been for years, but this is really annoying to have happen kind of all of a sudden as well.

SueHunt 10
5 years ago

I agree with James! I think I have Plantar Fasciitis because I cannot stand or walk for long periods of time without my heels killing me. When I get up from sitting for a while they hurt too. I have tried insoles and they sometimes help. Try looking for insoles that match your symptoms.

smith8646 387
4 years ago

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