how do i add food to the diet tracker?

Is there a problem with the Diet Tracker on the Website. It won't let me update my food

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When you say “update” your food, what do you mean? The tracker is working just fine; I just entered in a food item now & it appears to be working.

Are you running AH in Internet Explorer or Chrome? Chrome tends to work with less “hiccups”. You may also want to try refreshing your web browser, loading a new page or potentially rebooting your computer.

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Tony Nicholson 141k
5 years ago

The food what you want to update must be in the diet tracker list or else it will not take your list into it. If you have list which is not there in the permanent list of diet tracker than go to others and first add that list of your choose and than refresh the tracker. As best term papers blogs also lets you know more tips on it. You will find the list what you want than you add it into diet trackers easily.

2 months ago

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11/16/2012 at 7:53 AM