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what exercises would you recommend for some one who is super obese and just joined the gym?

What exercises would you recommend for some one who is super obese and just joined the gym?

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Hi Anthony, When I started working out I was 285 pounds at 5 foot 2. I started on the treadmill (after being cleared by my doctor for exercise). Start slow & just a minute or two each time. When you can do 20 minutes or so - switch it up to the elliptical and do the same thing.

I would suggest a personal trainer for at least a few sessions so they can give you proper guidance & a better plan for progress.

I see my trainer twice a week for an hour & do strength training with him. 4 days a week besides that I do about an hour of cardio (elliptical, treadmill, stairmaster, etc). But I started barely able to walk 5 minutes!

It has been a year and I am down to 198 now. Trust me - if I can make the change - so can you!

Laura Steward 23k
5 years ago

Hi Anthony-

Congrats on taking your first step in joining Anytime Fitness and Anytime Health! Welcome and feel free to ask lots of questions. We are all here to help.

The first thing you will need to do if you haven't done so already is get cleared to exercise by your physician. I'm sure he/she will be happy to hear that you are starting an exercise regimen!

I would highly recommend that you get to know the fitness staff at your home club and ask for a free fitness equipment orientation and club tour. The fitness staff will be able to get your familiar with the equipment and layout so you will feel more comfortable in your surroundings. Then I would inquire about hiring a personal trainer- even if it is just for a few sessions. The personal trainer will be able to get you started safely and effectively on a customized workout plan to meet your goals.

Once you get familiar with the club and begin working out regularly just remember to take it at your own pace, listen to your body, invest in some supportive athletic shoes, stay hydrated with water, and most of all have fun! Perhaps you can start out 3 days a week on non-consecutive days (say M, W, F). Then after a few weeks bump it up to 4 days a week, then 5 days, etc. Just be sure that you allow your body rest and recovery by taking at least 1 day off a week. You will want to do total body strength training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility exercises.

Jennifer Barbarino 54k
5 years ago

Hi Anthony,
Well done for joining a club. As Manager of Anytime Fitness Murarrie in QLD Australia I know it’s sometimes a very daunting thing to go in and sign up at a gym when you are overweight. People often have this misconception that you have to already be fit to join a gym and this is definitely not the case. I hope that you find your Anytime Fitness club to be very helpful as I know most clubs are.
It’s always a good idea to start off with gentle exercise. I would recommend walking on the treadmill or elliptical to start and just going at your own pace (even if it’s just for 5mins the first time). Try to keep an eye on your heart rate. When exercising the optimum level should be around 120-150bpm (beats per minute) if it’s a little higher that’s ok but if it starts getting up around 190ish you should stop and rest until it drops down again. You definitely want to have it more than 120bpm or you aren't getting the most out of your workout. You may also like to get a trainer to write a strength/weights program for you as this will also assist with getting your metabolism firing and burning calories.

.....See continued comment

Kelly Leaver 485
5 years ago

Be sure to use Anytime Health to track your diet as this is a very important part of weight loss. Weight loss is all about burning more calories during the day than you consume. This will put your body into a calorie deficit and this is when your body will start to use stored fat as energy. To do this you also need to work out what your resting metabolic rate (RMR) this is (The amount of calories that you burn during the day without exercise). A great website for calculating RMR:
Use your RMR as a guide for the amount of calories you should be consuming each day. That way when you exercise all calories will go towards burning existing fat and not food you’ve eaten. Make sure the food is nutritious as our bodies need nutrients from food as well as energy. Anytime Health has some great articles and advice about eating healthy. REMEMBER choose an eating plan that you are going to be able to maintain for the rest of your life. Fad diets don’t work because they can’t be maintained forever. Choose an eating plan that you are comfortable you can maintain. It doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” diet. If there is a certain food that you really enjoy eating (e.g. chocolate) you can still include this in your diet. Just remember everything in moderation is the key, so always stick to the recommended serving sizes for all foods. Sometimes it’s not the types of foods we eat that are the problem, but the fact that the portions are too large.
I hope that this information helps you. Remember that your trainer and manager at your club will be a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into, as well as other members who have been in the same starting position. Set some small goals as well as having an end goal that you are striving for, this will make your journey easier. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you are successful.

Kelly Leaver 485
5 years ago

Good for you to take the first step! I have lost 90lbs I went slow it took me 2 years I beat type 2 diabetes.I feel so much better no more pain in my joins and hips. You can do this just keep telling your self i can. Whats really great I have all new clothes LoL. Went from size 20 to 4. Keep going and don't look back!!!

yesican 595
5 years ago

Congrats Anthony on joining the gym!

Your body didn't get to that weight over night & you won't lose it over night, BUT you will lose it over time! Stay focused on your goal of losing weight & don't forget to celebrate those 5 lb loses (the little things are a motivator too).

Movement is very important...stay moving (whether at the gym or even at home). You will have to assess your diet. Change is hard when you have more than 1 thing that needs changing. Break your changes up in smaller pieces so it doesn't feel so overwhelming.

I may not know you Anthony but I'm totally here to support you! Keep us informed of your success!

rcounley 1.1k
5 years ago

Hi, Anthony! Congrats on joining Anytime Fitness! That is a great decision that you will not regret! You will have fun at your gym.

When I first joined, I was 240 lbs. I talked to the manager, (who is also a personal trainer) and he helped me learn to exercise properly, and helped me design a work out routine that would help me lose weight. He made the exercises fun, and just challenging enough to get me to do them. He also varied the exercises enough so that I didn't get bored with the same exercise routine day-after-day.

So, that's my advice - talk to your personal trainer, and work with him/her to design a program that's right for you. Then, see a nutritionist about making permanent changes to your diet. Good luck! And again, welcome to AF!

ShakeUp 2.1k
5 years ago

When I joined Anytime I was at 394lbs and I started on the treadmill. I stayed on the treadmill for about 4 months before I had the courage to try an elliptical.

fatherdante 50
5 years ago

Hey Anthony!

You've been a gym member for a few weeks's it going?

rcounley 1.1k
5 years ago

Anthony: I'm in my "free trial period", but fully anticipate joining next week. I empathize with your situation. I'm 53, 6'2", and weigh "around" 450. I hate even putting that in print.... I'm just starting but am trying to stay focused. Couple of things that I have found helps: 1) Social media like this, or I've found Facebook works great. I post my workout after I do it and get lots of thumbs up and comments. It's very encouraging. 2) Pick a BIG reward for your BIG goal, mine is a Harley. Make your intermediate and short term rewards things that support that. For me it's things like a helmet, boots, jacket, motorcycle course, etc... things that support my big goal and keep me excited and going.
I hope this helps, I'm feeling your pain. Hang in there, stay focused, and move a little every day!

Good Luck!

wbsully1 75
5 years ago

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