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how do i get my high school metabolism back?

How can I boost my metabolism? I'm only 22. In high school I was really active, my swim coach had us all on a VERY strict diet. Since high school (4 years) I've gained about 40 pounds and CANNOT shed them, I have those icky impossible love handles. I've tried diets, I'm pretty active. Take my dog on 30 minute walks everyday sometimes jog. I know--go to the gym, but it irritates me I can't see results right away. Diet pills suck. Any ideas?

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Chucking in my two cents here...

I was the same way a year ago, hitting 299.6 lbs. I, too, had issues. No matter what I ate, how much I worked out, how little I ate, etc... it just wouldn't change. So I contacted a friend who is a pro bodybuilder. (Don't panic, he is also a trainer and registered dietician) He told me that while he consumes thousands and thousands of calories a day, there is a need since he is paid and sponsored to look and workout like he does. He showed me his routines and eating rituals, needless to say, it was a lot.

Now, it came my turn, he took my resting metabolic rate, factored in my workout regimes, and came to my caloric intake max, roughly about 2750 calories. He then proceeded to explain that eating five to six times a day, smaller calories portions of 300-400 calories at a time, with whole grains, fiber, lean proteins, dark veggies, and fruit would help fill me up. It took a couple of weeks to get use to the schedule, but after a that, I found it more gratifying than three meals. I don't find myself starving constantly, my blood sugar is regulated (I am hypoglycemic), and I began to notice a change in my body after a month or so.

I then added a change to workouts, instead of just light cardio for 30 minutes, it went too hard/intense cardio for 60 minutes (running, bike, elliptical, etc) three times a week, with three days of lifting on non-cardio days. I am sitting at 229.6 as of my last weigh-in.

I say this, as there is no magic pill, no secret formula, no quick fix. Rollercoaster dieting is common in San Antonio, where I live. We are in the top 5 in the nation for obesity and death. Yet, I find it surprisingly easy to avoid the pitfalls and continue with my lifestyle change. Notice lifestyle change, take a good long look at your habits, what you are eating, and what you are not doing. Then make a decision and take the proper steps to move forward. If I can drop over 70 lbs, I know you can do it also.

Everyone on this forum has had triumphs and setbacks, so we all understand. I wish you the best of blessings in your endeavors and look forward to hearing of your success.

cfergusn 3.2k
6 years ago


I can tell unequivocally & without a doubt, you will never gain the same metabolism you had in high school, even though it was only 4 years ago -that’s the bad & the real news. Our body chemistry changes so much over time, even in four years.

The good & exciting news is that even though our body chemistry changes as we age, there’s no reason why you/me/most people can’t have the same body if not better as we age to an extent. The key to success is information, realistic planning, strategizing & sticking to a, as other’s have so wisely stated lifestyle change, versus fading/dieting or yo-yo-ing.

For me, I’m in far better shape at the young age of 34, then I was when I played competitive basketball in college years ago. It’s all about finding the right mix that works for you, which we (AH/AF) can support you will.

In my opinion, it’s a three-headed monster you need to sleigh; diet (what you eat, not what you’re on) which can equate to 75% of the mix, training (both from a cardio & yes, very critical area in resistance training) and R&R (rest & recovery)

Even though our metabolism naturally slows as we age, our insight, experience & will power should get better & far outweigh any physical limitations (basically we’re more experienced, we can appreciate what came naturally or with more ease at a younger age).

Good luck,

Tony Nicholson 141k
6 years ago

What Cfergusn said, all the way. Make a change in your lifestyle, don't yo-yo diet, it does nothing but add lbs in the long run. The one misconception that is out there is that everyone that is overweight eats way too many calories when in fact the opposite is normally true. I've been training clients for over 4 years and 99% of the time people aren't eating enough. This will cause a person's weight to stay the same and actually gain weight over time. Find your rmr and DO NOT go below that number. This site is a great tool to record your diet and create workouts. Good luck.

6 years ago

It is going to take some time. Eat a healthy well balanced diet, I suggest using the diet tracker on this site. Also try doing some interval training for cardio and also add some strength training. I tell most of my clients that the weight didn't come there overnight, so it is going to take some time to get rid of it. Try to set up a routine to workout at the same time everyday. If you can, try to find a workout partner to keep you motivated and on track.

Courtney Murzyn 28k
6 years ago

Like what Courtney said, consistency, dedication, and discipline will do it. Just make sure you are tracking your food intake and tracking your energy output. Make sure you are taking in less than your calorie budget and that will do the trick over time! Use the tools on this website and you will find them to be very valuable in helping you reach your goals. GO FOR IT!

Jennifer Barbarino 54k
6 years ago

Cfergusn has some great thoughts above. Eating smaller portions more often during the day helps a lot of people, you can experiment with that for 30 days or so, see how it works.
Also, doing resistance training 3 days per week and also higher intensity cardio the other 3 days per week might be something to add with the food intake changes.

Whatever you decide, do it for a few weeks, keep track of what you're doing with the tracker functions on this site and then REVIEW what the results where each week, based on what actually happened during that week. After 30 days or so, keep what is working and keep moving on.
If you don't keep track of what you're doing AND take an honest appraisal and review of that each week, it's almost impossible to know WHAT is actually working, and what isn't. There is a lot of GUESSING going on out there. It may be a hassle at first, but you will find it revealing and ultimately helpful in your quest.

Set your goals for the week, track the process, be consistent, review - repeat. It may not be sexy, but it does work.
Be patient, don't get frustrated, be consistent, don't let anything get in your way.

You will find your answers. Happy

6 years ago

Thanks all--that helps! I guess I just need a little more drive :O)

RedCave 1.1k
6 years ago

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MichaelDarin 0
8 months ago

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Salfnaosata 0
2 days ago

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