how much is a membership at anytime fitness?

How much does it cost to join anytime fitness club?

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Perhaps my geographic is lacking, but Jacksonville is only the largest, by area, in the contiguous US-- right?

And there is an environment at Planet Fitness, or Golds, or Urban Active, or (fill in the blank city ) Athletic Club, or Snap, or Crossfit that not all folks mesh well with.

That is why there are soo many alternatives out there. To each his/her own.

Personally, 24/7/365.25, friendly folks, supportive staff, this amazing tool (AH) and CLEAN is worth it to me.Happy

Vicki Bowland 53k
4 years ago

Since we're a franchise system, it really depends on the individual clubs. I would click on the "Find an Anytime Fitness gym near you!" link at the bottom of the page. Give them a call...the owner or manager will be able to give you all the details.



Brian Zehetner 36k
6 years ago

Get Real ... for $25 per month you couldn't even buy one of my treadmills in 20 years. You might be able to buy one of them in 15 years at $40 per month. A high-end commercial grade treadmill costs $7K+.

The point to buying a membership at a club is to have access to commercial grade equipment without spending $150K to equip a home gym with high-end equipment and then having to pay more money to maintain that equipment. The reason you sign a contract and pay a little more for a club is because you are assured a better environment, better customer service, no overcrowding, and other amenities.

It does depend on what you are looking for and what kind of service you would like, but just because a gym is cheaper does not make it better or more desirable.

Do your homework before joining any gym. Try it out for a week. Make an informed decision. You get what you pay for.

Cindy Dahm 17k
3 years ago

persolaly i doesnt realy matter what the price is i wouldnt change gyms anytime fitness it awsome the equipment is top notch the staff is caring and motivational the gym is always clean and doesnt smell like b.o. not to mention having 24/7 access is awsome because it takes out any excuse for not working out - i work in the oil industry and have long hours and never know when im going to be home when we are drilling and that was a huge reason i put off working out, now i only have myself to blame if i miss a day and that is enough to get me in the door -

danny hyde 683
6 years ago

This is really directed to all of the owners.....
NOt to try to "game" the system, but since all of the clubs seem to have independance regarding setting up their "specials" and their monthly fees, why wouldn't I just find the best deal at an AF within reasonable driving distance and sign up there, but then just use the AF gym closest to home/work since we can use any AF gym?? I looked at my contract and there is nothing that states something like "if the majority of your visits are at AF location "x", then we will switch your membership to that location and you will be responsible for paying their rates".....

Again, not trying to game the system (My wife and I are signed up for 2 years), just seems to be a glaring problem with the franchise design......

Jeff Harrison 5.4k
4 years ago

Can u give me a price...i really appreciate it.

Sherena Lee 235
6 years ago

I have an 18 month membership for 35 dollars a month. I joined during one of the specials they were having. The tanning is not included in my membership.

Dena Dykes 2k
6 years ago

@Jason-- wow, what a way to come out of the box.

The AF we belong to does advertise their prices, and post them on the website, or will answer the phone and tell you, puts ads in the local coupon book, etc. Does that meet your "standard" as legitimate?

But, perhaps to your dismay, there are multiple options-- does your health insurance susidize? 3, 6, 12, 24 months, or month to month? Pay up front, installments or monthly? Exercising a 7, 14 or 30 day FREE pass first? Signing up for tanning, or some places it's included.

I can't see how accepting a modicum of personal responsibility, and picking up the phone, or calling a local facility, is beyond the scope of honesty and integrity. To each his own.

Vicki Bowland 53k
4 years ago

i jus called yeaterday and a year is 45.00 or 35.00 a mnth!

adrim1 35
4 years ago

Mine was $40.00 a month

July42009 120
11 months ago

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