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cancelled memberships & key fob return?

I have canceled my membership and was told that the key fob is mine to keep? Really? $70 for a piece of plastic that is obviously not going to work anywhere else. Can anyone answer why this is? I was sure I was told at the beginning of my contract that the $70 for this thing was to be refunded if I leave the gym. A person spends quit a lot on a membership for this place and this happens? This doesn't seem right to me. Am I wrong in thinking this? Or was this a personal thing because I canceled my membership with AF?

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Hi Kevin,

Again, it would not have been personal. I have worked in 3 different Anytime Fitness Clubs and all of them have the same policy which is, the key fob is yours to keep once you pay for it and sign up. Our keys at the moment are $50 but I know there are others around town that sell theirs for $40.

One thing you should be aware of is that if you do 'hang on' to your key fob, you can actually use it again if you sign up at another Anytime Fitness location. This means you don't have to pay the 'key fob' cost associated with signing up (at least that is the rule we have at our club...and the others I have worked for).


6 years ago

Each club is different but in the clubs I own each new member must pay a 1x Security Activation Fee (This is a fee and not refundable)

This is not just for the Key but everything that comes along with it including 24 Hour Access, 1500 Locations, Tanning, Panic Buttons, AED, and everything that creates a safe and secure environment.

Tyler Aube 22k
6 years ago

Hey Kevin, I know you’re not a member of one of my AFs, but regardless, sorry to see you go. With that being said, to Tyler’s point, each club is different in how they manage the fees surrounding their security.

I can tell you that from a budget standpoint, we third-party buy the key fobs so there is a direct cost associated with the unit. Along with that a tangible cost attached to each key fob, we have to account for certain in-direct & direct funds to keep the security at the level our members want & we expect for them.

It’s never too late to come back.

Good luck,

Tony Nicholson 141k
6 years ago


I am sure it wasn't personal. I can only speak for the Anytime that I own, but we don't offer a refund for a returned key. They get beat up on a key chain and usually are not in a condition to be re-issued. Just imagine if you joined the club and then received an obviously used key.

The security and key fee that most clubs charge is not really for the small plastic key. The money is used to offset the tens of thousands spent to securely provide a 24 hour facility.

Hope that answers your question.


Douglas Christian 22k
6 years ago

Ok. I'll take your words for it. :o) Thanks Tyler & Doug. I appreciate the responses. Cheers!

Kevin P 1.8k
6 years ago

James is right on about reusing a key fob. I had to quit my membership for a while and when I was able to return to AF since I kept the fob it was reactivated, no extra fee! Made my day as well as being an AF member again.

irvin1 3.6k
6 years ago

For all those who say the cost is to offset the costs associated with security, what is your gym's cost for a replacement key? Considering the cost is not actually for the small piece of plastic and activation, as all of you have said, why would my father be charged the full amount for losing his? He is old and sometimes loses things. He didn't want to pay the unjustified charge, so he ended up never going again, despite having paid for a year. Doesn't seem right to me.

Also, my mom has a FOB key (she never went since my dad wasn't going, and their memberships are now expired). Would I be able to use hers and not have to pay for the fee?

Hodgesj79 20
3 years ago

Hi HodgesJ79. The costs for the keys can fluctuate, but I assure you the cost is not greatly different from that charged. It's not just a 'piece of plastic' it is in fact the key to the gym and it is electronic, thus it knows who you are and can allow you accessHappy Thus, unfortunately, the cost to replace the fob is the same as it's still another fob being used and activated.

Why you may see differences in facilities is that some have 1 sign up fee that includes enrollment and keyfob, and some separate the costs so new members of the family can see the breakdown.

Regarding your parents expired accounts, it will differ from club to club, but if theirs is expired and they don't want to activate and they go in with you, you may be able to reuse it. Call the club closest to you to inquire. I am sure they would be more than happy to find a suitable solution for you! Happy

3 years ago

HI Kevin Can you sell the key on ebay?

kmalele 10
about 1 year ago

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1 week ago

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