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circuit training, supersetting, same thing???

We've talked about circuit training and supersetting and the two sound very similiar. What is the difference? Also, what is the point? Is it to keep your heart rate up? If so, couldn't you do a set, jump on the treadmill to bring your heart rate up, then do another set, etc.?

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I really wouldn’t get caught up with terminology, the basic premise is the same; getting a solid workout with avoiding idle time.

It’s all semantics as they all have the same goal of maximizing the set by pushing the muscle or muscle groups to fatigue, which is the ideal time for growth. Technically, super-setting is the technique of training a set or pairing muscle groups. I was trained that they needed to be similar groups but after years of tweaking, I believe that chest & triceps can be utilized, back & biceps or purely hitting (2) exercises with you triceps, biceps, etc.

Circuit training has received a bad rap as being a “light” regimen; although I know a good amount of body-builders who utilize circuit training with heavy weights & receive great results. With circuit training, the idea is to strategically move through your workout with limited rest to fatigue the muscle/muscle groups & to elevate your heart rate as if doing cardio/cardio lifting.

At the end of the day, circuit, super-setting, tri-setting, cardio lifting & HIIT(circuit-style lifting with limited or strategic rest in total-body fashion) are intended to work your muscles to failure; which is a good thing.


Tony Nicholson 141k
7 years ago

Tony, I challenge anyone who says circuit training is a "light" regimen to step into my gym and do a circuit workout.Wink

To simplify things a superset is just two exercises performed back to back with no rest in between there are other terms that we can use to break down superset even further but lets not bother with details like that. Circuit Training is working 2 or more exercises back to bakc with little or no rest inbetween. Work hard, have fun, and get results. Don't stress out about semantics.

Ken C

7 years ago

I'm with you, Ken C. We call them SuperCircuits at our gym. I train high school wrestlers with it, it's fast and difficult and believe it or not - FUN!! 6-10 sets in a row, no rest between, working between dissimilar muscle groups from set to set. Rest one minute, and off you go again - same exercises or 6-10 different ones. Cuts your workout time in half and keeps your heart rate at a great intensity level.

And Tony, thank you - no idle time! Keep movin' and groovin'!!!

7 years ago

Superset is working corresponding muscles for example my last workout was a bicep tricep routine. I'd do 50 reps of bis, 50 reps of tris, take a break. That's 1 superset which is 1 set of both exercises without a pause between the two. Then I'd drop down to 40/30/etc until I finished. A goal of this is to get a good burn, in my case experience muscle failure and engage slow and/or fast twitch muscle fibers.

A circuit is varied in your goal. Curves operates on a circuit course which is doing something like cardio for "x" amount of time then another exercise for "x" amount of time. This is not always the same muscle group but could be depending on your fitness goal. One immediate goal of circuits is to keep your heart rate elevated so that you're continuosly burning.

Also reference the older post about this as I believe two AF trainers further explained this.

Joshua Van Meter 8.7k
7 years ago

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Payne010 0
3 months ago

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2/27/2011 at 10:38 AM
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