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punkin229just tracked 2103 calories
kassietta1just burned 1585 calories
sierrascrapperjust burned 393 calories
johnmila1just burned 1921 calories
johnmila1just tracked 7788 calories
wallyrjust burned 268 calories
crystallynnfitjust tracked 1710 calories
ledheadsjust burned 142 calories
richlandjust tracked 416 calories
randyjonesjust burned 1265 calories
carl42just tracked 3637 calories
carl42just burned 1074 calories
punkin229just tracked 620 calories
stevenjtjust burned 661 calories
stevenjtjust tracked 465 calories
john.julajust burned 209 calories
carolk911just tracked 805 calories
carolk911just burned 785 calories
mchalmersjust tracked 3600 calories
bruce andersonjust tracked 514 calories
johnsilvas23just burned 556 calories